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DJ Lue's Vocal House Trip Vol. 13
April 14, 2014 03:04 PM PDT

DJ Lue's Mostly 90's R&B Mix
January 24, 2014 09:24 PM PST

I was driving home from work listening to 102.9 KBLX and they played 3 songs that reminded me of High School and then they threw in R. Kelly's Happy People and then I got the idea to make a 90's mix. When I started doing it, I realized that there were songs that weren't out in the 90's that I wanted to add, so it is now a mostly 90's mix. I had fun making it and dancing to it as I made it.

I've always had the dream of dancing with someone while listening to music, so play this loud and if you have a significant other, grab them and start dancing. Like R. Kelly says, "This goes out to the all the lovers out there. Happy People baby!"

DJ Lue